• Les

15 Ways to Treat Your Lover

1. Hug me for 30 seconds, tightly

2. Hold me in bed when I snore

3. Show me your beautiful smile and say I Love You

4. Forgive me for all the stupid things I do

5. Jump my bones

6. Make me a plate of your famous chocolate chip cookies

7. Have some quiet time together

8. Read to me from the Bible

9. Share with me when you are hurting

10. Pray for me every day

11. Tell me when I have wronged you

12. Hug me in the morning

13. Hug me at bed time

14. Be your sweet, wonderful self

15. Go on a candlelight dinner with me to:

a. A romantic restaurant overlooking the water; and

b. In the mountains (snow and all the good stuff); and

c. At the beach

d. At the lake

e. At a neighborhood fav plac

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