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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I have always been that person that gets up early, is always on time, cannot say no, is always busy, embraces a challenge, seeks to learn, wants to “do it”,  ….

However, on that day things inside of me changed.  My drive was gone.  All I wanted to do was hold on to her, and nothing else.  The result was that I lost a lot of those characteristics.  People would offer to get together and I wouldn’t/couldn’t.  I no longer wanted to “do it”; and when I did start doing it, I would (often) hit a wall right smack in the middle of doing it.  When this happened, I would go sit in my chair and wonder what I was doing, anyway.

Even before, I resisted accountability.  I resisted someone else working on something with me.  After all, I could get it done.

As I worked through this past year, I am discovering that accountability when embraced with the right mind, can lead to being stronger, more caring, and even being more productive.

As I think about these things, it becomes eye opening to realize that there have been so many things holding me accountable that I wasn’t even aware of:

  1. My kids and grand kids.  If there is a single focus in my life (especially now), it is for my kids and grands to be happy and successful.  Even in grief, this focus kept me moving forward to be there for them, to love on them, to support them.  Boy, have I realized that this is accountability 101 – Take care of those around you.

  2. My small group and church friends.  These wonderful people surround me with love.  And, there is that “driven” part of me that will not let them down.  Having them around me, meeting with them, having breakfast (or lunch) with them; each of these activities keeps me accountable to keep moving on.

  3. My exercise group – Praise and Pump.  Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:30 this awesome group of guys gets up, meets at the workout room, trains together, and prays/shares together.  Sometimes its not easy getting up at that time of the morning.  When I go to bed at nite and say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 4:30”, its hard.  But, when I do get up, go to meet with my group, exercise, and listen to their words of encouragement my day is always better.

  4. Fitness Challenge.  This past December I participated in the local papers Fitness Challenge.  We had to log each day the number of minutes of activity/exercise we did.  I made it!  I exercised every day.  Some days were harder than others, but the pride of accomplishing this over the month-long period is awesome; especially being accountable to someone that I don’t even know.

Proverbs 27:27 “Iron sharpens iron, and on man sharpens another”.

Being accountable to others is how we can remain strong, and become stronger.  It’s OK to take that step back, that time of restoration.  It’s also OK to use those that God has put in our life to maintain accountable to him, and to those around us.  I am discovering that using that strength of others in my life is allowing me to move forward on this new path with more confidence, and more vision about what God would have me doing for Him.

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