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Another Story about Leaning In

Updated: Jan 7, 2020


Tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary of my sweetie going home.

This morning, I was sitting in my house, and memories started flooding in.  Memories of our Christmases together.  So, this led to me browsing the photos, looking at pictures.  Pictures of her, pictures of us, and especially pictures of Christmas.

There was something missing from these pictures.  None of them were of tough times, or of sadness.  They all were beautiful, and showed the beauty, happiness, and silliness of my lady.

But, sadness started to creep in.  Yes, I am sad.  Sometimes more than others, but this time when the sadness started in, I prayed to God to help me through it.

Suddenly, I looked at the clock and church was starting in an hour.  I can’t drive right now due to my knee surgery, so I started trying to figure out how to get to church.  I texted a friend…. no answer.  I scheduled a ride with Uber, but the Uber driver was taking forever to leave his home.  Then, I remembered another friend who, at one time, had said that he would help me when I needed it.  It was now 20 minutes to church.  So, I texted him.  I got an immediate reply!  Yes, he said.  I’ll be right there.

So, Eric came by, picked me up and helped me get to church.

From the minute we drove up, I felt the love; from my church friends, and from God.

The service was awesome.  The love, the hugs, the welcome that I received from everybody was just what I needed.

Oh, later this afternoon the first friend I texted was able to respond back and she is taking me to Christmas Eve services tomorrow. Praise God!

I have heard (and said this) before – “Lean In”.  Thank you God for pushing me to leaning into this moment.  Thank you for my church family, for Eric, and my many, many church friends.

Leaning into God and His hands helps me move forward in this new journey in my life.

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