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Christmas Morning

Well, honey, I woke up at 4:15 a.m. today.  Couldn’t sleep.  You kept on flooding into my memories.  Right now these memories are of yesterday.  How you fell, how you struggled in your breathing, the CPR, the EMS crew, the hospital, the kids, and having to make that terrible decision to let you go.  I guess men do cry, because I cried until nearly 10 a.m.  I have a “memorial” to you; a candle on the window sill under the star and angel decoration.  It looks wonderful.  Posted it to Facebook  and everybody loves it.

Lesley, Daniel, and all the kids came over at 11:00.  Daniel fixed our traditional meal – Bacon and Biscuits.  We even shared some of yours.

Chris made it over at 12:00 and we opened presents.  The kids all loved their gifts.  It was especially meaningful to them that you wrapped them.  Lesley is keeping her “envelope” because it is in your handwriting.

The X-box was a hit, the girls loved their comforters, and of course they are excited about the money.

Chris and Lesley both loved their sweatshirts.

Chris and I spoke, just so you know he is taking your concerns seriously and is going to honor your wishes.

It has been a good day having the kids and grandkids around.  It is nearly 2:30, and they have now left.  I have a little time to myself to cry some more.

At 3:40 today, I am taking everybody (Lesley, Audrey, Hailie, Lillie, and Jonathan) to see Trolls.  Grandpa Date!

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