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Even If

This path that God has set me upon is new to me and oftentimes I really don’t have a clue where it is going and what is right for now.

What I do know is that God has set this path out for me and this is His destiny for me.

The same God who created the universe knows me intimately and completely.  He cares for me and loves me.  He delights over me and desires a relationship with me.  He reveals to me in many, different ways, and leaves it to  me to respond to His loving care.

Since her passing, this path that I am on has been up, down, smooth, peaceful, and stormy.

When I pause to consider His blessings, is when I feel Him the best.

He has put many wonderful people in my life that care for me and lift me up.

He has made me sit by the roaring waters to remember you, talk to you, and feel your presence.

He has given me a wonder family that loves me cares for my well-being.

He has given me a wonderful church body that continues to lift me up and prays for me.

He has given me tough moments that have set me down on my knees, crying out to Him.   In these moments He is there, and I can use these moments to let his Love surround me.

He gives me worship music that is timely and I can relate to during the moment that I have.

If we walk God’s path, we can live in His promises to be carried, comforted, and loved.

Mercy Me just released a new album and there is an awesome song that, not only, captures my spirit, but encourages with the promises and faithfulness of God in caring.  

This song is Even If.

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