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Good Morning, Sweetie

February 9, 2017

Good morning sweetie.  I trust that you receive my love each and every day.  I feel your presence, all the time.  At night I am lonely, but I can talk to you then.  When I go to bed, i still like to lay my hand on your head and say “I love you”.

Yesterday, Lesley called and was having a rough day.  She is missing you.   Needs her Mommy to talk to.  Needs to feel your soft touch.  I need your hugs and lips on mine.

Still fighting with Eric.  I am trying to reach out to him.  I will keep trying.

Today, I am going to our Men’s lunch.  These guys have become so much a part of my routine.  Chuck Sauve lost his mom two days ago.  I can really feel for him.  I pray that he is comforted during this time.  I reached out to him.  Someday, when he is ready, he will reach back.

It has snowed a lot since the first part of December.  Yesterday, it snowed another 5 to 7 inches.  Shoveled twice.  Was mostly snow bound for the day.  That made it hard, being alone in our place.  Missing you a lot.

I love you sweetie and am holding on to the memories and love we have had during our lifetime together.

February 12, 2017

Yesterday was a good day.

Unlike the days preceding where I was “stuck” for several days in the house due to whether, yesterday I had some great times.

It started out with meeting Chris, Whitney, Pattie, Dallas, and his girlfriend for breakfast at Whistling Jacks.  Had a good time.  Food and service were marginal.  But, the company more than made up for it.

Met Eric and took him to sign the house papers.  That became an opportunity to pour a little back into him.  I continue to pray for  him that he will get strong, make the right choices, and change his life.  He says he wants to.  Now, is the time to put action to those words.

Got to hug Lesley, yesterday.  Stopped by the house and got a precious hug.

Went out to dinner with Audrey and Brian.  So much potential in these two.  In all appearances, they are trying really hard.  There still is a lot of growing up to do, but God is in control of them, so I pray to Him for them.

Sweetie, I woke up this morning with memories of you flowing through my mind.  Good memories.  Memories of our good times together.  Yesterday, at Whistling Jacks I could see you sitting on that picnic table, gazing out over the river we loved to watch.  I cried.  Good tears, because they are memories of our time together.  I hold on to them, you are in my heart forever.

Goals for today and tomorrow are to take Lillie and Johnny out for a bit, meet up with Lesley to take care of the house title and see if Lesley and Daniel will go out on me to celebrate Valentines Day.

Love you sweetie.  Miss you.  Living forever after with you.

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