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Good News Friday

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

#goodnewsfriday – Lately, I have been starting to feel the “urge” to push forward. After Terry Flue passed, I felt God’s push that my life path had been radically changed to one of serving others similar times of their lives. Over the past 27 months, I have gotten a college-level education into what this grief thing is about.

This past week, I was conducting an inspection (part of my part-time job). When I walked into and introduced myself, the owner responded with “I lost my wife 8 months ago”. I responded to him and in my response, I shared that I, too had lost my wife. He came back with – “Can I ask you a personal question? …. Does it ever get any better?”. That short exchange led to a full on conversation where I was able to comfort him and help him in that moment of time.

This, I believe, is illustrative of what God’s nudge for me was and is. I do know that we both got a lot out of that exchange. I am learning to listen for those little moments, or nudges, from God and be willing to respond accordingly.

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