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Happy Valentines Day

Well, today is what I have been told is the first of the firsts.  My first holiday without you.  And, its Valentines day.

I love you so much and miss you.  I put a rose on your memorial for you.

Remember our first year together?  How on each monthly anniversary I would send you a rose, with a dozen on our first year anniversary.  One of the many memories that continue to play in my head and heart.

Took Johhny and Lillie to McDonalds day before yesterday.  Those two are such a delight.

Last night was men’s bible study.  A new one at Dave and Bonnie Bergs.  Usually Bonnie leads, but last night she was tied up and Dave lead.

For the first time since I lost you, I opened up more to these guys than I ever have.

There was one man in there that had lost his wife after 25 years of marriage.  He got it.  The rest wanted to, but there is no getting it because its a once in a lifetime experience.  They were very supportive, however.  The love in that room was overflowing.

I like these guys.  Hoping to get to know them more.

I don’t know what to do today, normally I would be with you.  I am afraid of being alone, that’s when the feelings overpower me.

I am going to a gun cleaning workshop tonight with Chris.  That will be really good for me.  I love that kid.

Yesterday he started his new job at Cub Crafters.  Said it went well.  Praying for him to have success in this new opportunity for his life.

I love you honey.  Miss you.  If you can, will you send a special angel to be here with me today?

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