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I get by with a lot of help from my friends

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

My dear friends and family. Thank you. As you know, a week ago this past Tuesday, I had a right knee replacement. I am overwhelmed by the love and caring that each and every one of you has shown. This has been a perfect demonstration of community, love, and caring.

Today, I am mostly feeling a lot better. I did have a bit of an issue a couple of days ago where the leg in the shin area was getting red, warm, and tight. Went to the doc who prescribed anti-biotics. Been taking them. But, today a thought occurred to me that I was having similar feelings on both legs. That got me to thinking and now I wonder if it might be an allergic reaction to the material in the compression socks. So today, I have taken them off and I can feel the change already. I have compression socks of a different material, so I will change over to those.

I still can’t walk much. I fact, I try and then I end up paying for it. So, I just have to practice that little bit of patience that God teaches us so often. Sitting around at home is hard, because I don’t need to be alone in my pain.

My kids have been wonderful. Lesley Rae stops by nearly every day and brings the grands for a visit. That’s pretty awesome. Had a great evening with Chris Flue the other day and I can’t love that boy enough. I have to give a big shoutout to Audrey Stutheit who has been there when I need her.

As I progress forward from this, I covet your prayers. For quick healing in the knee, for my mind not going to dark places and for things to keep me occupied.

Most importantly, this Christmas, let’s focus on the reason for the season – Jesus. Terry Flue is with Him right now, celebrating. On Christmas, let’s celebrate that beautiful gift God gave us, and the promise of another gift – everlasting life with him.

Love you all –

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