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I Met Terry

I met Terry in late 1970 and early in 1971 at Sea Tac Airport. I was working in Operations for Continental Airlines.  I loaded and unloaded the airplanes (baggage buster) and worked on the ground. Terry was working for Host International in the gift shop. While waiting for arrivals, I would hang out at the gift shop, looking at magazines and books.  It was there that Terry and I started our life together. Our first “date” wasn’t so much as a date as a flop. We had agreed to meet at the gift shop after I got off of work.  So, up to the gift shop I went, and no Terry.  I waited, and waited … no Terry.  I remember getting on the Airport announcement system and announcing for her to call the gift shop.  Pretty soon, another worker at Host responded and said that she had gone home. So, off I went to her house, still looking forward to our date.  I went up to her apartment and knocked on the door.  I heard a lot of “partying” going on in the apartment.  At first, nobody answered.  I continued knocking.  Finally, Barbara (her room mate) came to the door and said that she wasn’t there, or available, or .. (I don’t know).  Anyway, I left and the date didn’t happen. The next day, I was at my grandpa Evans house with my family when I got a call.  It was Terry. In order to call me, she had tracked down my Grandma Flue, gotten the number to my Grandpa Evans house and called me. Needless to say, things, after that, were different. We got engaged in late summer, and were married on October 22, 1971.  I remember that when we became engaged, my Grandpa Flue was critically ill (he passed on August 8, 1971).  I was able to tell my Grandma Flue about our engagement during that time and it was a blessing to her in her time of sorrow. When I told my dad about the engagement, he offered me one piece of advice – “Son, keep her happy”, he said.  This truth has been the foundation of my 45 years of love for my honey.  Keep her happy, has served me many times over.  If I am angry, “keep her happy”.  If she is sad, “keep her happy”.  If she is ill, “keep her happy”.  45 years of “keeping her happy”. When we went to her mom and dads house to tell them about our engagement, I was sitting in the backyard with the family, and Terry took her mom into the house to tell her. While I was sitting in the backyard, I heard the footsteps of the two of them coming out of the house.  Suddenly, I felt her moms arms around me, hugging me, and she said “I didn’t think she had enough sense”.  I think that this meant that I had her blessing.

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