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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

It is really comforting to receive encouragement.  Encouragement can come in many forms.  It can be a memory, it can be a friend’s kind words or gestures, it can be a song, it can be a rainfall (just like we had last nite), it can be a message at church (or other places), it can be a blog post by someone you don’t even know.

Recently, while walking I was listening to a blog called “Epic Christianity”.  The speaker, Jaimie Mailhot, wrote a motivational track titled “I will”.  This actual track is posted on his blog site and I am including a link to it in this post.  This is a powerful track and it is becoming an encouragement to me to keep my head up and to press on.

To get the full impact of this, I suggest you go over to his blog and listen to the recording that he has made.  Powerful.

I have transcribed the words here.  These are from his site and his encouragement to me.

I Will, by Jaimie Mailhot – Listen/Read here

It reads:

Today is a gift from God, so I will choose to live it well.

I’ll start it out by being grateful to God for the blessings He has given me and I will keep that mindset no matter what I face today.

I know that my God is in control, so I will trust Him and follow Him with my life.

But I also know that the success of my life and my day will be determined by how I live it.

So today…

I will take action towards my goals.

I will put effort towards my highest priorities.

I will be who I was created to be and I will do what I have been called and created to do.

Even when I don’t feel like it…

I will keep my commitments.

I will keep the commitments I have made to God, to myself, and to others.

I will honor God with my life and with my choices, and I will live in a manner that is worthy of the calling that God has put on my life.

I know that I can do all things through Christ and that He is able to do immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within me.

So I will continue to seek God with my life, follow His plans, and find my greatest fulfillment in fulfilling His purpose in my life.

Today I know I will be tempted to settle for a life of mediocrity and that there will be things that will try to pull me off course.

So today…

I’ve already made up my mind that I won’t settle and I won’t give in!

Today I will so “No” to the temptations and distractions that will try to pull me off the course towards my destiny.

I will make the choices today that I will be proud to live with tomorrow.

I won’t let my enemy or the challenges or distractions of this world keep me from pursuing my dreams!

I “Will” fulfill my purpose


I “Will” be the person I’ve determined to be!

Today I choose to take responsibility for my life and my actions and I will maintain a positive attitude and faith-filled perspective no matter what comes my way.

Today I will treat others well.

I will avoid the temptation to judge others and instead I will encourage others and build others up.

I know I’m not perfect,

so if I fall, I will get back up

If I drift, I will get back on course.

I will not beat myself up over my mistakes, instead I will learn from them and do better next time.

Today I will leave the past behind me.

I will not let the shortcomings or failures of my past define me.

Today is a new day, and while I can’t control my past, I can create my future.

So today I will put forth the action and effort necessary to build the life and future that I can be proud of.

I know God wants to use me to bring the good into the world that only I can bring, so today I will overcome!

I will push through the obstacles that stand in my way and I will persevere through the difficulties I will face.

I only have one life, so I will never quit.

Today, I will make the difference I know I should make

Today, I will be the person I know I should be

Today, I will be the light in the world that God created me to be.

Today I will not settle

I will not give in

and I will say “No” to temptation

Today I will choose well

I will choose my attitude

I will stay positive

and I will be grateful

Today I will stay focused and I will keep my commitments

Today I will treat people well and I will build others up

Today I will do better

I will be better

I will overcome

I will live by faith

I will trust God

and I will surrender to Him

Today I will take action towards my goals

and I will be person God created me to be.

I’m focused

I’m committed

I’m determined

I will not quit

and I will not give up.

By the Spirit and Strength of Christ in me and with a clear focus on my purpose and my future…

Today I Will!

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