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I will always remember by Audrey

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She woke me up and told me grandma was on her way to the hospital and wouldn’t wake up and that grandpa needs us and that she thinks I should be there. I remember stumbling around my room trying to wake up and put shoes on. I couldn’t get a grasp on what was going on.  All I really knew is that it was serious and I was scared.

I remember going to the car and driving to the hospital. Both mom and I crying and Mom praying like she was angry too not take her mom. When we got there we were taken back to a family room where my grandpa waited crying. As soon as we walked into the room I knew something was very off.

My uncle came and the doctors came in to explain that the damages where significant and there was a low chance of her making it and to make a decision to take her off of life support. She explained she had blood filling up around her brain stem.

Knowing how weak she was we knew what was best. We were taken to her room where she laid like she was sleeping.

The doctor asked if we wanted to be in there while they took her off and I walked out and called my dad and Bryan. I came back in and held her hand hugged her, kissed her and told her that everyone was gonna be okay down here and it’s okay for her to go dance with Jesus, her mom, dad and family.

I remember hearing the heart monitor go down and watching the color drain from her body and all I could really think is what am I going to do without my mom/BEST FRIEND. How am I going to do this?

She would always tell me “i’m fighting for you now you fight for me” so that’s exactly what I did. I went home and Bryan met met me there. We laid there for a good couple hours.

He held me as I cried and I spent a good chunk of time talking to her. But to watch my family in so much pain killed me.

I miss you grandma.. I’m still fighting for you grandma and I’m living my life the way you would want me too. I love you and I hope you’re living it up in heaven. Walking, dancing and doing all the things you wish you could have done down here.

If I’m off for the next week this is why. Just be there for me and hug me. I’m so thankful for my family, Bryans family, Bryan and all my friends that have really supported me through this year. 


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