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Lean In

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

So, day before yesterday I had my right knee replaced. This followed my left knee two years ago. Going in, I had some familiarity with what was to happen. I must say that I was very nervous. Not for the surgery, but for what would happen after surgery. I can’t stand to be alone. Well, the surgery went better then expected.

They only had to do a partial. Today, I am home, and the pain is not as bad as I remember it. Yesterday, my daughter dropped by to see how I was doing.  Last night I reached out (out of my comfort zone) to my church and they are preparing dinners for me today, tomorrow, and Saturday.

I have a friend dropping by in a few minutes just to say hi. I just had a friend offer to take me to lunch today. I guess the moral of this is that I need to practice (and learn) how to lean in more and not be so much of a man that only goes it alone.

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