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Guiding me forward

Good morning, to those of us on this new journey.

In one week, it will be the three year mark of having lost my sweetie. It has (and continues to be) a roller coaster ride. But, I know that God moves in my life. Not too long ago, I met a lovely lady and she has lifted me out of the abyss. Yes, I miss my Terry. But, I have newfound love for my Susan Giles.

We are engaged to be married on April 25.

Each and every day, I read and follow your posts. I see the posts of pain, and I pray for your pain. I see the posts of sadness, and I pray for you sadness. I also see the posts of joy or hope for many that are finding new directions in their path and I pray for your joy, hope, and new path.

It has been said many times that our grief is like ocean waves and it is. It is also like a block of string cast to the ground - that is our path; winding from here to there.

Follow your path, go with the waves. Keep your head high. I can testify to the depth, the enormity, and the confusion of these waves and the path that we follow.

For me, my new lady is my new guide; a guide that walks beside me (she also lost her husband 7 years ago). I take here hand and we travel together.

Be encouraged by all who travel on this path, for we all walk it together.

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