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God gifted us with Lesley on December 28, 1983.

Because of the previous C Section, we were a little bit more in control of the timing.  We celebrated Christmas together with Chris.  I went skiing after Christmas, and then, we were off to the hospital.  

On December 28, we received another beautiful gift from God, a gorgeous daughter.  Lesley Rae.  This time, we celebrated together, our new born child.  We celebrated New Years eve with champagne and both our children together with us.  The champagne didn’t sit with Terry, though.  So we switched to water.  It was still a glorious celebration.

Lesley was a joy in all ways.  

But, I think God used her to teach us patience, and wisdom.  And, he succeeded.  Today, I am so proud of both my kids.  It is very special to see Lesley today, after all that she has been through.

I remember that one day, after church, I was holding Lesley’s hand.  All of a sudden, I noticed she wasn’t there.  I looked around, and she was nowhere to be found.  So, the church organized a search party.  We looked everywhere in that building, and Lesley was not to be found.  Other members of the church were praying by now.  All of a sudden one of the ladies of the church drove up to us in the parking lot with Lesley.  She had wandered down the busy street, and the lady saw her in the front yard, playing on a set of swings, with some other kids in the neighborhood.

Lesley was quite the escape artist.  While this didn’t happen frequently, another time she escaped up the stairs in the Tacoma Dome.  Again, searching, searching, …. Oh, there she is with that nice security guard.

God had (and has) a plan for my kids.  He has given us many visions of them, in their success, and their life.  One time, when we were having a particularly difficult time, I was at church.  While preparing for service, we gathered as a team to pray.  Suddenly, the Pastor stopped, and said “Everybody, Les needs prayer right now”.  So, they entered into warfare prayer over me.  It was during that prayer that a lady that was know for prophecy came up to me.  “I have a word for you from God.  God says that there are many paths in life.  No matter what path your children take, whether it is right, or left, “I am there with them”, says the Lord”.

Today, Lesley works as an admissions counselor at Sundown Ranch.  I am so proud of her.  She did follow her own path, growing up.  Many a day and night were spent in prayer over her.  But, God did fulfill His promise.  She overcame, she conquered, and she is succeeding.

You make (and continue to make) me and Mom proud. Keep following the Lord’s path and don’t give up.

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