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Lesley’s Tribute to Us

One thing that’s been crossing through my mind lately is my mom and dads love story, they were the definition of true love, through thick and thin and sickness and health they stood by each other no matter what!

When mom got sick dad did whatever it took to help take care of her and make sure she was comfortable and just be there for her, and she was just as supportive of him with whatever life brought them, I can not express my gratitude enough to my dad for being the best husband to my mom, or the best father to us kids, or the best grandpa to his grand kids!

It makes my heart warm to know my mom had the best life possible (even under the circumstances) because of the man she choose to spend her life with, when the going got tough my dad stayed by her side and helped her fight through it like a true husband does, thank you Dad for giving my mom her happily ever after and treating her like the queen she was.

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