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Merry Christmas

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

It was Christmas Eve, 2016 when Terry went home. There are many words I can use to express these past two years. Rough – missing my BFF. Renewing – God has set me on this new journey of Re-Impact. Waiting – taking pauses when things need to be worked through. Blessed – blessed for my daughter and son, blessed for my wonderful grands, blessed for my church, blessed for my many, many friends. Amazement – amazed of all that I have been given. Wonder – I really do wonder what this new journey has for me. Desire – a new desire for this new life and a new desire to get out of my shell and develop new relationships.

There are many, more words that could be expressed. But, on this Christmas Eve, I do recognize the presence of God, His creation of Earth and Heaven, and His hand in all things. Today, Terry is getting ready to celebrate the birth of Christ so many years ago. What a party that must be.

So, I too am working on that same celebration. Last night I celebrated with my church friends at the Heights Church. Today, I will celebrate with more of my church friends at YFC. I hope to take my son out to dinner. Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas for my Grands. After all, Christmas for children is so rewarding.

I wonder what Christmas in Heaven is like?

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