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Merry Christmas Memories

Bittersweet - the combination of two flavors bitter and sweet. But, today, I declare its Sweet - Bitter - Sweet.

That can describe this day. For, four years ago, this day, my lovely angel and wife for 45 years (Terry) went to her heavenly home and now dances with the angels and is with Jesus. I miss you my sweetie. I will always have your love in my heart.

Yet, nearly 18 months ago God placed into my life a beautiful lady (Sue). Sue you are heaven sent. I love you to the ends of the earth, and will as long as God reigns. God knew my heart needed you.

God created love. His love endures forever. He gives us the capacity to love over, and over again.

For me, I can feel His love in so many areas of my life. For each and every memory; past and present. For my children (Chris and Lesley), for my grands (Audrey, Hailie, Lillian, Johnathon, and Hope), and for the new family that God has placed in my life (Susan, Jeremy, Melanie, Brian, and Nikki - and all of the wonderful kids, grandkids, and great grands that have come into my life).

Yes, the memories well up. They are good memories. Yes, the thankfulness and hope prevails. Thankfulness for what we have had, thankfulness for what God has given and continues to give, and hope for the blessings and love that God gives to me and to all of us.

So, Merry Christmas everybody.

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