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My Dear Sweetie

Yesterday, I lost you.  Jesus got you.  God decided that enough was enough and you are now in heaven with him and all the angels.

Donna Ramos pointed out that Gene was probably there waving hi to you as you arrived with his Santa hat on.

How does it feel to have a completely whole body?  Look, ma, I got toes!

I will never understand why things happen.  I do know that after watching our Christmas movie, you were getting up to get in your wheelchair.  You stepped on one of the controls for the electric blanket, and, because you didn’t have good balance, you fell.

Your head struck the window sill.  I can still hear that “thunk”.  But, you said you were OK.  You didn’t hurt (except your back, of course).  Your head was bleeding a bit, so I put a bandage on it.

You were headed for bed, so I lay you down and we had our usual good nite kiss.

An hour later, when I came to bed, I lay my hand on you, prayed for you, and said my nightly loves to you.  You replied back (as usual).

At about 3:30, you made a loud rasping, groaning, breathing sound.  You were breathing, but you wouldn’t wake up.  I called 9-1-1.  The 9-1-1 operator did an awesome job.  While on the phone, I checked you again, and you didn’t have a pulse.

I wrestled you onto the floor and started CPR.  It took a bit (it seems) for EMS to get here, doing CPR was hard, and I tried to keep it up.

When EMS got here, they took over.  You still had somewhat of a pulse, but they had to administer IV, drugs, and shock you.  Your heart started beating again, and you had strong pulses and a good blood pressure.

During transport to the ER, you coded, again.

The hospital did a wonderful job.  They tried everything they could.  However, they did a Cat Scan and discovered that that fall had messed up your head.  You had a massive brain bleed that was pushing your brain to one side and crushing the brain stem.  No amount of surgery was going to give you your life back.

The kids were there, Audrey was there, and Bob and Anne Jones were all there.  After hearing this message from the doctors and their recommendations, we, all, made the decision to not interfere with Jesus and let you go home to Our Father.  Anne and Bob blessed you in the name of our Lord.

I held your hand while we waited for you to take your journey.  You passed at 6:25 a.m. on Christmas Eve.  You became Jesus’ Christmas present.

Give my mom and dad a big hug, Leone too!  Say hi to your dad, and all of our family members that are there with you.  I can only imagine the celebration.

There is nothing more in our relationship that I have ever wanted than to keep you happy.  I regret that we couldn’t have more time, or could have changed what happened.  I do not regret that you are in Heaven with Jesus now and you are whole, clean, pure and happy.

God Bless you my Sweetie and I will see you on the other side.

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