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Nostalgia Tour Day 1

January 24, 2017

Well, it has been a month since you went home to be with our Lord.

Boy do I miss you.

Today, I traveled to the west side of the state for a nostalgia tour.  I wanted to visit you home(s) that we shared during our early years.

My first stop was over White Pass and stopped at that viewpoint we both so loved.  Mount Rainer was shining in all its glory.  I took a selfie (as we always do) of me and the mountain.  Even though you weren’t there physically, you were there by my side.

I remember the barbecues in the back yard.  I also remember the challenges of a new job where everybody didn’t expect the “outsider” to get it and the challenges that I had to overcome.

Station 61 is still there, I sat in front of it, remembering the bad times and the good times.  The bad times were those that I struggled overcoming; the outsider that I was, the ego that I had.  There were a lot of good times, too.  I found Jesus because of these.  I became a better man because of these.  Our family was rooted in the Parkland experience, and I remember the fun times taking the kids to the Christmas programs, the Pancake feeds, the Santa tours, Easter egg hunts, and many more.  Those were truly good times.

Parkland First Baptist is still operating.  I sat out front of it, remembering the times we had there.  I remember how I gave my life to Jesus in our hot tub, while you stayed watch over me.  I remember Pastor Buddy and Trish.  How genuine and happy they were.  I remember many of our friends we had there; Elizabeth and Walter, Bill and Dianne, Janet and Garret, many more.  I remember helping install the new baptism, the sound system, and the side sewer for the new sewer system.  I remember Chris making sure Pastor Buddy knew the Lord.  I remember Lesley running off, and the frantic search we made for her.

I saw the “new” Spanaway Assembly of God.  They have remodeled and built out a new sanctuary.  I didn’t go inside, by the outside looks great.  I remember getting baptized in the Holy Spirit there.  I remember Chris in Royal Rangers, and Lesley in Prims.  I remember playing the part of the “farmer” in the play Heavens Gates and Hells Fury.  I remember helping Lyle put in new lighting.  I remember our good times with Lyle and Shelly and how great the friendship was.  I remember Pastor Randy and serving on the leadership council with him.  I remember the massive Easter Egg hunts and “scrambling” to get the sound system going.  I remember the kids and their Pinewood Derby.  I remember the “harvest parties” and taking the kids up to the church for trick or treat.  I remember doing sound and lighting.  I remember you having so much fun with the many friends you made – Cindy and Shelly especially.

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