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Nostalgia Tour Day 2

January 25, 2017

Day two of my nostalgia tour.

I had an interview with Employment Security today regarding my SEAP application.  Was able to conduct it in my hotel room.

I went to lunch at the Apogee Pub in Fairwood.  Dick Illian (one of my high school classmates) owns it.  He has had this place ever since graduation.

Met up with many of my fellow classmates.  I remember a lot of their names, but I am terrible with remembering their faces, and connecting how we hung out in High School.  Nevertheless, it was really good to connect up with them.  They are going to start doing this monthly in March.  I want to go back again and do this again.

The house hasn’t changed much.  They took down the hedge that blocked the front yard from the street and put up a retaining wall.  The garage has been made into a bedroom, and a two car garage is now where we tried to raise horses and plant vegetables.  I remember Chi Chi and Annie and how we tried to keep them in our side yard.

 Wasn’t very smart.  I remember the garage full of hay.  I remember getting up one morning and chasing Chi Chi down the street and eventually catching up to her on the busy four lane road leading into our area.   I remember getting the into a real pasture after that, our rides together.

 It was sad that we couldn’t do the right things by them to keep care of them and had to give them to someone who could.  

I remember the fire department (King County Fire District 25) and the “parties” we had there.  I remember you getting jealous of me when one of the Tukwila (female) dispatchers came over and you thought that I was paying too much attention to her.  

I remember Ray and Gwen coming over.  

I remember trying to make mom and dad Christmas presents and cutting my finger.

 I remember calling out to you; “Just a minute” you said.  “Get over here ….”, I said.

 I remember how you were able to bandage it, and then how I looked at you and passed out from the shock of it.

I remember Dennis coming over, helping him fix his car, to only wreck it (again) on the way back home.

Doofers is still there.  You remember the nights having those great hamburgers and beer.  It looks like it isn’t in the same place, but I do remember our times there.

I visited Summerhill apartments.  The apartments you lived in when we first met.

 I tried to find Barb and Gary’s house, but couldn’t find it due to the change and new buildings that have grown up since we were there.

I do remember that first night we were supposed to meet at your apartments, and the party was too loud and I couldn’t find you.  

I also remember lying with you in your bedroom and proposing to you.  

I remember that we fell in love when we first met, and were married shortly after that; a marriage that has lasted for 45 years and will continue for time and eternity.

I visited our first apartment.  I remember the monthly roses that I sent to you and how happy we were in our fist year of marriage.

I love you to the Moon and Back – sweetie.  I miss you more than ever.

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