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Nostalgia Tour Day 3

January 26, 2017

I remember that, when I was a volunteer in Kent, the original Tukwila Fire Department station burnt down.  

I remember driving to fight this with Sid Michelson and others.

I remember being a rookie, learning how to fight fire, growing, becoming a Lieutenant.

I remember the building of the new headquarters building (currently Station 51).

 I remember Dave, Lonnie, Loren, Dave Green, Richard, and many others.

 I remember building an aid car with Dave, building a drafting pit with Loren.  

I remember building a computer system with Richard.  

I remember going to a fully involved structure fire by Long Acres and forgetting to turn off the siren because we were so pumped.

I traveled to West Seattle.

Saw the house on Fauntleroy that you grew up in.

 I remember your mom coming out of the kitchen after you had told her of our engagement; “I didn’t think she had enough sense”, she said in my ear.

 I remember how lovely, caring and awesome Leone was.  I hope that you are having a wonderful time in Heaven with her; catching up on everything that the two of you missed out on.

I remember Alki. I stood there for a long time remembering our times together.  

You came to me.  I saw you standing (once again) on the logs looking out over the water.  

A seagull flew by and paddled in the water; a message from you that everything’s OK.  I prayed for us.  You held my hand.

It’s hard to write down all of these memories.  These are the hardest, because the flood of emotions are really crashing over me


I made a memorial of you and I in the sand; to help keep the memories alive for now and forever.

I went by West Seattle High, your alma mater.  Remember when we last visited it?  We stood outside the massive entrance and you shared some of your memories.  I did the same, I stood outside the same massive entrance, and remembered you, and tried to imagine your time there.

I met with KC that day.  She was able to meet with me when she got off of work.  We had a wonderful visit.  She shared with my some stories of you, her, and Yvette from high school.  I am not good at re-telling these stories.  Hopefully, both Yvette and KC will give me some more information that I can capture in this journal.

I was going to go visit Steve and TJ, but after these three days, I was burnt out.  I couldn’t handle any more.  So, I begged off from Steve.  I worked out OK as Hunter had a basketball game and we wouldn’t have been able to see much, anyway.  I will go back, next time.

You are my best friend FOREVER.   I miss you, baby.

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