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Our Family Begins

Terry and I were married at the Kent Lutheran Church on October 22, 1971.  The Reverend Skarstad officiated. Best Man was Bob Purdy.  Maid of Honor was Barb Roppe (Hamlett).

Also in the wedding party were Terry’s Sister-in-law, Terry Hunter, and my brother, Larry Flue.

I will always remember her as she was walked down the aisle by her step-father (Billie D Sink).  As I gazed upon this wonderful lady that was to become my bride, she appeared to be beaming.  She would look to the left and the right with a big smile, and “beam” at the friends and family that were there to celebrate this wonderful time with us.

After the wedding, Terry and I dropped by the family that had gathered to celebrate and her mom kicked us out; we were not welcome!  We were to be together to start the celebration of our marriage.

We spent the wedding night at a hotel next to the Sea-Tac airport, and the next day we left for our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon was spent on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  Honey, I still remember us, laughing, loving, celebrating the start of our marriage together.

We almost had a bit of a problem when we were returning.  Because we were flying non-rev (First Class) on Continental Airlines, I was required to abide by the airlines employee standards.  The rule that nearly got me was that we were required to wear a sports coat or suit.  Now, this wasn’t enforced when we left Seattle, but the Honolulu agents were holding to this rule.  They weren’t letting me on the plan.  Well, we weren’t really sure what to do.  Should I reschedule and go buy one?  An enterprising gate agent solved this for us.  She went down to lost and found and, low and behold, she found one.  It was only three sizes too small!  But, I was able to put it on, and they let us on the plane to return home. We did get home, and that wasn’t our only trip to Hawaii.

After Host, you went on to serve in banking at Pacific Bank (I believe they referred to themselves as “Bigfoots Bank”).  I moved from the Airlines to Rainbow Ambulance, and then on the the Fire Department.

One day, at the fire station, I received a phone call from you.  You wanted to let me know that you were OK.  What?, I said.  Well, it turns out that your branch in Renton was robbed, and you were calling me to let me know that you were OK, before I heard about it on the news.  We laugh, to this day, about your actions when that happened.  Remember?  When the robbery started, you went into the bathroom and stood on a toilet with the stall door closed.  God kept you safe, then, as He does now.

In January of 1979, I was offered a job at the Parkland Fire Department as a Deputy Fire Chief/Training Officer.  So, we packed up our Renton home and moved to Parkland.  We stayed in a duplex on 116th Avenue.

It was there that Chris was given to us.  It seemed that he really didn’t want to come out when we were ready for him.  Remember driving up and down Barb and Gary’s very bumpy road, fast, and saying, “Can Chris come out and play?”?  Well, one morning, I was getting ready to go to work.  I had my uniform on, and was kissing you goodbye.  Chris disagreed.  You told me that he was coming.  So, quickly, I changed out of my uniform, we grabbed our stuff and headed to the hospital.  He didn’t come out right away, though.  He kept on playing with us.  Finally, on September 11, 1979 at 7:47 p.m., you delivered Chris.  He was a very big baby, so we received him via C section.  I was blessed by being able to be at your side when he was delivered.

You weren’t there yet, but when we were moving Chris out of delivery, my Mom came up to us.  “Boy or Girl?”, she asked.  “Guess”, I answered.

From that time on, God has provided for us so that you have not had to work.  You have blessed our children by being able to stay at home with them and care for them. What a wonderful mother you are.

In December of 1983, we were blessed by our second child, Lesley Rae.  Because of the previous C Section, we were a little bit more in control of the timing.  We celebrated Christmas together with Chris.  I went skiing after Christmas, and then, we were off to the hospital.  On December 28, 1983, we received another beautiful gift from God, a gorgeous daughter.  Lesley Rae.  This time, we celebrated together, our new born child.  We celebrated New Years eve with champagne and our children together with us.  The champagne didn’t sit with you, though.  So we switched to water.  It was still a glorious celebration.

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