• Les

Over and Over ... in my mind

It seems like it is etched forever in my mind.  Those moments when you were leaving.

I see you falling; and hearing that “thunk”.

I see me going to bed and checking on you.

I see me being woken up by your breathing.

I see me doing CPR.

I see the medics working on you to save you.

I see you lying in that hospital bed

I see the kids, Bob, and Ann gathering; we are praying for you.

I see the doctor talking to us.

I see them taking the life support off.

I see you passing on to be with Jesus.

I will see you forever.

I miss my honey.  Please be with me!

God, please don’t let me forget these moments.  And God, bring into my mind the 45 years of awesomeness that was our marriage.  Amen.

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