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Post Memorial Doldrums

 Well honey, your Memorial Service was great.  Over 100 of our friends and family gathered to celebrate YOU.  More would have been here, but the weather prevented them from coming.

I think that we will give those that came the opportunity in the spring.

These past few days have been a little rough.  The let down of remembering you was quite a bit for me to handle.  Sunday was the worse.  Today (Wednesday) is better.

 However, there still (and probably will remain) many moments throughout the day that I get into my funk over losing you.

I still am concerned for Lesley, Audrey, and Chris.  Chris is not saying much and I am fearful that he is burying it.  Lesley and Audrey are more open, but they are really having difficulty with this.

Today, the Yakima Valley is covered in ice.  Last night was a lot of freezing rain, so the ice man cometh.  Gonna stay in for a while to see if it melts off.

It’s so lonely without you.

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