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Terry’s Prophecy

You set your heart to serve me don’t you give up, you  walk on through these things now And yet the season of weariness, you are on the other side. And you know you are doing better then you realize. There was a cloud of darkness that came over you, you fought it, you pushed it off and your doing well. Your doing well. And you will disciple ladies, and help them rise up into their full gifts and their abilities.  This is what gives you joy, to see them come into their gifts and their abilities. I am going to give you the chance to do it again. And there was a time in your life years ago when you were not able to do that.  Now I am pushing you to learn new skills, and and working along with two others and even a difficulty there, but I am going to work it out.  And you will be the one governing there and saying this is the course you gotta walk.  This is the course you gotta walk because you will set their path on a path that is before me. You have done well, you have let it go.  Even things then, of two wounds in the hearts of others, you have let it go. And also resolving things of your mother this year. This is me in you, I have brought you through things, your doing good. Hear then this.  There was a lie of the enemy that kept coming to you that there was a wall between you and God, that’s not me; no indeed. Here is an open window says the living God.  You did well, you took a stand. I say, concerning the home I will be Jehovah Jirah.  I will keep you there, and I will preserve you.  Watch and see Three more weeks, I open up a door so you can see and you can see God’s taking me and it will get easier then. So you don’t give up in Jesus name, you secure others. In Jesus name.  Grace, Grace.

This prophecy was spoken over Terry by Pastor Harold Eberle in November of 2008.

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