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Two Months – Back to Puyallup

Well, yesterday I traveled back to Puyallup.

Met with Lyle and Shellie for dinner.  They were awesome.  It was like we had never been apart.  We had dinner and sat and remembered  you for a couple of hours.  Maddie was there, boy has that young lady grown.

You would love their place.  Too big of a house for us, but the back yard sits right on Lake Tapps.  You can see the swans, the eagles, the water…. everything that you love to watch.  Often, there are Elk that wander into the yard.

Today, it is two months since you went to be with the Lord.  Boy, I miss you.  I want my honey.

I am going to the PNW Aviation conference today.  After that, I am going to go up to Lynnwood to see Steve, Terry, Gina, and Hunter (tomorrow).  Also, today I hope to meet up with Bill Wagner for coffee.  I miss  you, baby.  Wish you were here and we could cuddle.  Last night, I felt you next to me, though.  That’s good.

Love you, Baby.

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