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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

At first, I was a little uncomfortable heading into Valentines Day.  After all, it is a day that we celebrate the love of our life; hearts, flowers, candies, dinners, romance, special times.  It’s easy to swing over to the side that this is for those who are together today.

But then I found a picture on Option B.  It is a picture of a couple as they said their vows on their wedding day.  The caption for the picture read – “These days, I choose to celebrate February 14th as a day of love…What better way to honor someone who left me in the middle of a sea of love that created, in large part, simply by being his  her own humorous, humble, helpful self? ”

This lifted me up to keep my mind on the love that we shared, and the love that continues; even in her death.  The time that we had together cannot be erased, and no amount of pain or grief can erase that.

Yes, I have my moments of sadness.  And, you know, that’s OK.  For I have discovered that these moments of sadness, these memories are born from the foundations of all that is wonderful that we have had, and these wonders still exist.

And, let’s not forget the physical reminders of her love.  The text I got from my daughter today – “Happy Valentines Day to the first man I ever loved and the only man that’s loved me my whole life”.  The gorgeous grands that we have.  Audrey, who is growing up way to fast.  Hailie who is rising up to be her own person.  Lillian who is such a princess, and Johnnie who is quite the little man.  That's only half of the kid’s side.

My boy.  I can’t say enough about that guy.  I am so proud of him.  I just can’t stop beaming when I think of him.

Boy am I lucky… I have a wonderful life, wonderful kids, and wonderful friends.  I have a wonderful wife.

The quickest way for an animal to become prey and be picked off is to be alone.  I am not alone.

I celebrate this day of love with all of the fond memories of my sweetie, and those that are still here that are her and her memories.

Love you all…..

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