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With God’s help, we can DO IT

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As I sit here, this Friday before Christmas, I continue to work on holding it together.

I have so much to be thankful for, but the overriding thoughts and emotions are still focused on that time, nearly 365 days ago when our physical bodies separated and you went on to your heavenly home.

So many friends, so many loving thoughts and so much emotional support.  Our kids are wonderful, our grands are wonderful.  The memories of our life and love are wonderful.

You know, sometimes I wish that this pain would go away.  Then I realize that this pain is not pain at all, but the love that we shared for eternity and all times.  In the past it was expressed through hugs, smiles, laughter, and even yelling and screaming at each other.  Today, it is expressed through tears, sadness, and laughter, smiles, and warm/fuzzy feelings (when memories of our times come flooding in).  Yes, there are even times of yelling and screaming today.  But, you don’t yell/scream back.

As I travel this new journey, you are always with me.  I LOVE YOU.  Yes, I meant to shout it.

Tomorrow night is the night that it happened.  Sunday is Christmas Eve.  Monday is Christmas.  I will move forward, I will be OK.  In God’s will I will embrace this pain/love and use it for His glory.

To all of my loved ones, friends, and family.  I know you hurt with me.  I can feel your love.  Often times it is not easy for me to receive you.  Often times it is not easy to allow my feelings to be exposed.  Please understand (and I know you do).  For what it’s worth, I found this quote online.  It does a pretty good job of saying a lot of what I can’t say for myself.

Above all, keep on understanding, and lifting my family and me up in prayers.  I know the next few days are going to be rough, but “WITH GOD’S HELP, WE CAN DO IT”.


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