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Your doing well…

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Your doing well …..

Last night after class, the instructor said to me, “Your doing well”.  Since it was at the class, I first thought was it pertained to progress in class.  “No”, she said, “I mean you seem to be more ….”.  Just then, I realized she was talking more about my attitude than the class.

A couple of weeks ago people commented on my pictures from my time at the ocean, saying that I looked happy; the first in a long time.

To be quite honest, there ARE times that I do feel better.  That trip to the ocean was one of the best times that I have had since Terry passed. I think that my daily activities are becoming more active and I am enjoying doing things and being with certain people; rather than sitting in my chair and not having the motivation to do anything.

Being the ever cautious type, I don’t tend to embrace the fact that I am doing better.  But, as I think about it I can honestly say that I AM moving forward.

Moving forward is not forgetting the past.  Instead it is embracing all of that, while forming new paths and plans.

I still miss my Honey so much, that I hurt and cry for her every day.  But, I also realize that I need to embrace our life together and add to that life with those opportunities of today.

In my prayer list is a list of thanks.  When I pull out my prayer list and ask God to meet these needs, I end it with my give thanks.  While I change it as I reflect, it currently reads:

  1. Thank you for our 45 years together

  2. Thank you for being able to enjoy the beauty of the waters of this world, the mountains, the birds, the fish

  3. Thank you for our wonderful children

  4. Thank you for our wonderful grand children

  5. Thank you for my brother and sister

  6. Thank you for our families and how close they are

  7. Thank you for our small group friends

  8. Thank you for healing Terry and taking her home

  9. Thank you for the future reconciliation with Christ, and all of my lost family and friends

  10. Thank you for leading me, especially during this time of my life

I have always loved Zig Ziglar.  One of his famous quotes reads:  “The attitude of gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions.”

I think that these two things, combined with a renewed passion with a new purpose in life to “Reimpact” is what others are starting to see.  I may not see what they see, but I can confirm that I am having better days and feel I am making progress moving forward.

What about you?  What can you be thankful for today?

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